Wrap goat cheese and smoked salmon

This colourful and flavourful wrap combines creamy goat cheese with the earthy flavours of the beetroot wrap and delicate smoked salmon. Whether you want a quick lunch or a light supper, this wrap is a guaranteed success.

  • Fresh goat's cheese
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Summer
  • Lunch
  • Wrap
  • Tapas
Total time 10 minutes


for 2 persons
2-3 wraps
125 g Bettine goat cheese Naturel
a few slices smoked salmon (fresh or pre-packed)
a handful pine nuts
1 red onion
handful cress (or spring onion)


    1. Briefly toast the wraps in a dry frying pan. After this, lightly toast the pine nuts in the same frying pan. 
    2. Spread the wraps with Bettine goat cheese. Place a few slices of smoked salmon over the spread and sprinkle everything with the pine nuts, red onion and cress.
    3. Roll up, serve immediately or cut the wraps into small pieces and serve as appetisers.
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Bettine 125g Naturel UK - 1340x1340px
Bettine Plain 125 g

In Bettine Naturel you taste the natural flavour of goat's cheese. Mild and pure, full of proteins and vitamins. Let the fresh creamy cheese melt in your mouth and enjoy. Delicious to eat pure, or as a creamy flavouring in your favourite dishes. Bettine goat's cheese natural won a silver award at the international cheese competition in Nantwich.