Fig tarts with goat cheese

These delicious mini tarts with sweet figs and Bettine goat cheese are nice to serve at Christmas dinner or fun to serve during another festive occasion. Figs are a delicious ingredient for autumn and winter. The tarts are quick to make in the oven and require little preparation. They are best when lukewarm, as the goat cheese is still nice and soft. There is always cause for celebration with these tarts!

Total time 30 minutes


for 4 people
4 fresh figs
1 roll of fresh puff pastry
125 g Bettine goat's cheese natural
6 tsp. strawberry or fig jam
fresh thyme, 2 sprigs
handful of almonds
salt & pepper to taste


    1. Put a teaspoon of jam everywhere and spread it over the goat cheese.
    2. Cut the fresh figs into nice half slices and place them in a circle on top of the goat cheese so that it is nicely covered.
    3. Crumble some more goat's cheese over the figs and season the tarts with salt and pepper.
    4. Place the fig tarts with goat cheese in the oven for about 20 minutes until the puff pastry is cooked and nicely golden brown.
    5. Remove the tarts from the oven. Then unzip the thyme from the sprigs and sprinkle over the fig tarts. Chop the almonds and divide over the tarts. 
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Bettine 125g Naturel UK - 1340x1340px
Bettine Plain 125 g

In Bettine Naturel you taste the natural flavour of goat's cheese. Mild and pure, full of proteins and vitamins. Let the fresh creamy cheese melt in your mouth and enjoy. Delicious to eat pure, or as a creamy flavouring in your favourite dishes. Bettine goat's cheese natural won a silver award at the international cheese competition in Nantwich.