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Cheese board with ripened goat cheese

A cheeseboard for dessert is a nice ending to a festive dinner, but also for drinks, a cheeseboard is always a welcome addition. Putting together a cheeseboard is not difficult, you just need to remember a few basic rules, which we are happy to explain to you.

  • vegetarian
  • Snacks
  • Ripened goat's cheese
  • Desserts
  • Cheeseboard
Total time 10 minutes


for 4 persons
200 g Bettine No3
1 pack Fig-almond toast
strawberry chutney
2 à 3 figs
thyme (for garnish)


    1. Remove the cheese from the fridge at least 1 hour in advance to reach room temperature. 
    2. Cut the best slices with a wire knife. If you cut it with a knife, heat the knife under the tap with warm water for the best cutting results.
    3. Serve the cheese on a nice wooden board. 
    4. Serve good bread or delicious toast with the cheese. 
    5. Nice to serve a chutney with it. Either strawberry, fig or pear chutney goes well with it. 
    6. To make the cheese board festive, put nuts and fresh fruit on top. Use seasonal fruit for this.
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Bettine No3

Milking. Curdling. Ripening. Not for nothing did this ripened, creamy goat's cheese win first prize at an international cheese and dairy fair! Bettine No3 Ripened Goat Cheese is deliciously fresh and buttery soft with a delicate and edible rind. Thanks to its shape, the flavour intensifies as it ripens from the outside in. Artisanal temptation to every corner. You can taste that!